You let the system know you are finished voting by pushing a button, touching the screen or entering something on a keypad. To check on the status of your provisional ballot, please use your state's tool. Not registered? You can return your absentee ballot request form through the mail, in person, or scanned as an attachment to an email. Before campaigning ended at 17:00, she appealed to the electorate to "Help me bring about change. Contact your county clerk for more information on times and locations. If you are a participant in the West Virginia Secretary of State's Address Confidentiality Program or you have a permanent, physical disability that prevents you from going to a polling place, you can apply for permanent absentee voting. For information on federal campaign contributions, please visit Open Secrets. Voting is available during regular business hours and on any Saturday on or between the 13th and 3rd days before the election. cG��f���T�R�Y�\}���O‘�H[`+F��"ɹ���%�*rq�B�F�]�|F-#�"ǭ]�@�2�. The layout is very similar to the standardized tests given in school, the voter darkens an oval next to a candidate's name in order to enter a vote. It also said Banerjee's "austere lifestyle appears closer to the old icons of the Bengal communist movement than their successors who had become corrupted by three decades of power. LWV volunteers work year-round to register new voters, host community forums and debates, and provide voters with election information they need. Click to Donate. Provisional ballots are counted 5 days after the election. Some counties allow for emergency absentee voting in other situations, so be sure to check with your County Clerk for more information. 3 0 obj The voter inserts the ballot into the machine and uses the AutoMARK touch screen to make his/her choices; when the voter is finished, the unit then marks the ballot for the voter and the voter retrieves his/her ballot and places it in a ballot box. 54 constituencies went to the polls: Optical Scan: An optical scan ballot is a specially designed paper ballot which is marked by the voter with a special pencil, then tallied by a computer reader. The next election dates can be found here Support Citizen Matters - independent, Reader-funded media that covers your city like no other. For information on state campaign contributions, please visit your state's resource. One official from the central ruling coalition was quoted as saying that "There is a tacit understanding between these two critical allies that there will be no decision on the Land Acquisition Bill until the results of West Bengal state elections are clear. A legislative assembly election was held in six phases between 18 April and 10 May 2011 for all the 294 seats of the Vidhan Sabha in the state of West Bengal in India. %���� Paula Banerji said of the win that it was a "demonstration of the political power of the Bengali women. For example, on one screen or page, you might vote for president. Dantan, Keshiary (ST), Kharagpur Sadar, Narayangarh, Sabang, Pingla, Kharagpur, Debra, Daspur, Ghatal (SC), Chandrakona (SC), Keshpur (SC), Purulia, Manbazar (ST), Kashipur, Para (SC), Raghunathpur (SC), Saltora (SC), Chhatnam, Bankura, Barjora, Onda, Bishnupur, Katulpur (SC), Indus (SC), Sonamukhi (SC), Khandaghosh (SC), Raina (SC), Galsi (SC), Pandabeswar, Durgapur Purba, Durgapur Paschim, Raniganj, Jamuria, Asansol Dakshin, Asansol Uttar, Kulti and Barabani.

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