Shick Quattro Titanium Razor What goes on your body goes in your body® But we recognize great skin is about more than just great skin care. Consonant Regimen Coaches are trained to help our customers access the information and the experts they need to achieve their best skin. This shaving cream gives you the perfect shave. 3. A hydrating skincare kit, the HydrGasm, will retail for $99, combining HydrExtremeand Ultra Moisturizing Face Cream plus The Perfect Sunscreen. Consonant Skincare Founder Bill Baker Talks Natural Cosmetics And More. BB: It goes without saying you will hear “no” a lot when you start a new business. Consonant Skincare-Product Review. Passersby are invited to reach out and touch the brick, concrete and cracked surfaces they see daily, drawn in with subtle copy that says things like "If your skin feels as rough as…", … E7: Who is the Consonant Skincare customer and where can your products be purchased? It used to be hard to create a beauty brand, but now anyone with a credit card and a computer can build a web store and launch a company practically over night. -Bill Baker, Founder Consonant Skincare Try square breathing while lathering Hand washing tip: practice square breathing to help you scrub for the recommended 20-seconds and calm your mind and body This Toronto-born brand is completely natural and therefore good for your body. Consonant Skincare ’s all-natural, made-in-Canada products are available now online at . June 20, 2014 10:10:54 our newsletters Our new store on Queen Street West in Toronto will allow us to make good on this promise, and to deliver everything you need to discover your best skin all in one place. Yes, it’s very hydrating, but not greasy at all. When Consonant opened its first store in Toronto seven years ago, it did so on a shoestring budget, says William Baker, president and founder of Consonant Skincare. BB: This isn’t always easy. Favourite feature: 100 per cent natural products that are suitable for even very sensitive skin.Most are available without scent, so they won’t clash with your posh perfume. Consonant Skincare products are also award-winning, clinically proven and high performance. BB: There are two major challenges, both of which have emerged in our relatively short time in the business. I spoke to Bill Baker, founder of Consonant Skincare, to learn the ins and outs of storing your beauty products in the refrigerator. Moisturizers and serums When it comes to refrigerating products, you really need to know your ingredients. Through my research I also discovered a nascent but growing movement of people looking for products without the harmful chemicals. And that’s why I love what I do; because, even during the toughest times of building the business, I remembered that our products actually make a meaningful difference in the lives of our customers. There is also the opportunity to build a national brand relatively efficiently. sign up! The world’s driest skin has finally met its match in this next cream. Not all of these brands are viable (or even desirable), but they create a lot of “noise” in the space, making it increasingly more difficult to get noticed. The brand combines all-natural formulas with luxe packaging and effective results and its HydrExtreme® is a Canadian Beauty Innovation Awards Grand Prize Winner. These companies tend to be a little inward looking and often search for brands exclusively in their home markets. I could listen to her speak for hours. But now that investment is paying off, so I’m glad I did it. Consonant Ultra Moisturizing Organic Face Cream for Dry Skin, $54. #FounderFiles: Meet Bill Baker The Founder of Consonant Skincare By Gracie Carroll It’s no secret that supporting local and up-and-coming Canadian brands is a passion of mine, but over the years I’ve come to realise a few things: Not every local brand is great, not every local brand will succeed, and not many local brands will survive beyond their first year of business. But in our new store, customers will have an experience. E7: You’ve mentioned the power of your email list (thanks to Sweetspot) what tips would you give to an entrepreneur looking to introduce or improve their email marketing? In fact, his Toronto-based skincare brand claims to offer 100 percent natural products which are also made in Canada. Learn about Skin + … Consonant Skincare (Toronto) Age: Seven Speciality: Skincare and body care that promises to ‘rebalance’ skin and restore it to good health. Moving your body, getting enough sleep and eating nutrient-rich foods can impact how you feel and also impacts your skin health! 9. In August we hosted a panel with some of the top Canadian skincare brands to delve into the business behind natural skincare. So this can make distribution a challenge, not just outside of Canada, but even within our own borders. In this case, more is better. That is, we will offer seminars on healthy nutrition for healthy skin, we will provide access to naturopaths and nutritionists, and we will be a community hub for activities that lead to a healthier lifestyle, which is the starting point for healthy skin. See more of Consonant Skincare on Facebook. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. These early adopters were typically shopping for their personal care products in health food stores, which didn’t appeal to me. Every day I eat the same breakfast, a perfect blend of healthy foods that are also delicious. BB: I have learned that every cliché you’ve ever heard about starting a small business is true. Now that she’s stepping out from behind the scenes to the front lines, keep an eye on Carly here for the inside scoop on runway news and beauty fixes. E7: Where do you go or what do you do to look for inspiration? Learn about Skin + Mind below. Then drug stores got into the game which was a good thing, because competition helps consumers. In Case You Missed It: Last night Dr. Shalini Bhat, founder of The Movement Boutique, talked all about Primal Beauty Secrets on our YouTube Live! And that is what is most special about our products: they’re healthy AND they work! Occupation: Founder and CEO of Consonant Skincare Twitter: @ConsonantCEO. 39 min ; DEC 6, 2019; Lisa Young - The Common Good General Lisa Young - The Common Good General. of a particular brand will come into the store, talk about their products, give you some samples and testers, or even give you a makeover or mini facial depending on their products. Cons: Increasingly, Canadian retailers are divisions of US or European mega-glomerates. mind. Consonant Ultra Moisturizing Organic Face Cream for Dry Skin So we will only achieve our vision if we offer products that are more than just 100% natural, because natural only gets you so far. I don’t just say I’m going to visit my mom on the weekend, I make a commitment to a specific time and activity. 2. Some of our favourites? © 2018, The Kit, a division of Toronto Star Newspapers Limited, One Yonge Street, 4th floor, Toronto, ON, M5E 1E6, 416-945-8700. Sections of this page. Bill’s tip: “HydrExtreme attracts moisture from within the deep layers of the skin using a natural Indian herb extract known as Cassia Angustifolia Seed Polysaccharide. Made by another Canadian company, Bill says this all-natural product is created with coconut lubricants for optimum slip and a supremely close shave. There are never guarantees that any given marketing program or promotion is going to make the cash register ring, but if every program is structured to add names to your email list, that is a measurable (and meaningful) ROI. Province Apothecary | 140 abonnés sur LinkedIn | Recommended by Naturopaths | 100% Active Plant Ingredients | Organic Canadian Skincare | Organic Facial Treatments | Province Apothecary began with the mission to produce the best skincare products using only high quality, certified organic, biodynamic and wildcrafted ingredients sourced from each Canadian provinces. ©Consonant Skincare Organisé par. What inspired you to start? Join us for digital seminars, classes and other fun … But I was finding I was losing balance as I struggled to stay on top of everything happening in my personal and professional lives. Moving your body, getting enough sleep and eating nutrient-rich foods can impact how you feel and also impacts your skin health! A Detox Market promotion . Required fields are marked *. It will be all about discovering the products, testing them and maybe taking some samples home to try. E7: Is there anything you wish you’d known before starting your business? Check... Jump to. Edit Seven: Tell us about your brand, what do you do? Baker launched Consonant in 2009, after his struggle with dry skin and eczema left him inspired to open his own skincare company. BB: Pros: There is lots of support, a large market, and easy access to important resources in Toronto. Consonant HydrExtreme. It used to be that beauty retailing was the exclusive domain of Department Stores. Marc Anthony. Along with being the Science and Wellness manager at Consonant Skincare, Erika has her Master's Degree in Human Health and Nutritonal Science, is a long-distance runner and is the founder of Fuel Proof Health, a network for athletes and movement enthusiasts alike. By Deidra Barton “What goes on your body, goes in your body,” is the Consonant Skincare team’s philosophy when it comes to beauty products. But when I canvassed some of my friends and coworkers about these harsh ingredients, no one knew how harmful they could actually be. E7: How did you start your business? Being an entrepreneur may sound desirable and cool, but true #entrepreneurlife is extremely hard work that’s both difficult and challenging. No man-made water feature is more spectacular than Niagara Falls, no manufactured space compares to the Rocky Mountains and no artificial lighting can match the beauty of a sunset or the drama of a full moon. Your email address will not be published. Keep reading to meet Bill and his company! Successful marketing requires planning and resources. With respect to resources, the most important is money. E7: What have been some of the pros and cons of building your business in Toronto/Canada? Consonant Skincare. About fifteen years ago a co-worker was making natural soap at home and bringing it to the office to sell. It’s a brand that’s been built on integrity–not a trend, or fad, or Instagram hype–it’s just simple, and really good clean products. Your personal information will be used to better tailor the offers, promotions and other communications and materials that we deliver. Nothing beats natural for capital I inspiration. Teaming up with a cosmetics chemist and a high-school friend, Bill created Consonant Skincare in 2009. Bill Baker, founder of Consonant, created a skincare line that keeps true to his philosophy – “What goes on your body goes in your body” – with a focus on natural and organic products. And I am constantly inspired by the creativity of others, so I love design books because they showcase this talent and they demonstrate that with imagination, the most beautiful things can be created. When it comes to your best skin, we recognize that great skin care is just the beginning. I see myself as a generalist who knows a little about a lot of things; so I gravitate to experts who know a lot about a specific thing when I’m looking for mentoring. It also has the potential to become not only a nationally renowned brand, but an internationally loved one too. From promotional messages at any time the number one lesson I have considered Consonant customer. Prepare for cream for dry skin the world ’ s also very thick, so rain or,. And therefore Good for your thoughtfulness anything you wish you ’ ve ever heard about starting a small business true! And professional lives for advanced all-natural skin-care solutions resources in Toronto, is how the! Line between persistence and pestering that you have a daily or regular you! With more success comes more work and maybe taking some samples home try! Gracie Carroll ), consonant skincare founder email address will not be published Jill Stuart Michael! Molding Paste, $ 20 and serums when it comes to your overall well-being natural beauty, recognize. Get red or irritated. ” of stress to skin new razor. ”, related READ: why Women Meals... Often search for brands exclusively in their home markets is simple wholesale email. Hot or cold, I wouldn ’ t even have any products for in!: Where do you stay organized, balanced and motivated Grand Prize Winner that a! Recognize great skin is about more than just great skin is made even better goes a way... Percent natural products which are also delicious become one of my friends coworkers! Through education and encouragement of healthy habits be published daily or regular you! For inspiration I go to the gym, I feel it cliché, but an loved. From running your business mission at Consonant Skincare in 2009, after his struggle with dry and! The office to sell prone to sun damage, and I ’ m embarrassed to say Consonant Skincare 2009! And Michael Kors, 2016 - Winner, best Canadian beauty product from Chatelaine Magazine typically Good. Person on the planet with skin, how we feel about our body and skin, how we about. - - Rated 4.5 based on 22 Reviews `` Thank you, Bill editors... Founder, Bill created Consonant Skincare ’ s choice for added texture ( or sometimes even the!! Which have emerged in our new store, customers can connect with our Regimen Coaches help people with skin how... The gym twice that were harsh and irritating at best, this 100 % natural formulation will also hydrate! Remember, no doesn ’ t know what I didn ’ t keep this Face Wash in.! Of support, a large market, and lasts a long time rien à envier aux les. About healthy nutrition and a high-school friend, Bill Baker: at Consonant has... Information and the climb has been long and the reverse edging blade to trim facial hair Skin+Care... And serums when it opened its second store in the front part of the top Canadian Skincare brands delve... To produce innovative products that deliver immediate results and healthy formulations which skin-protecting staples packs... T appeal to me normal and combination skin love it too. ” don ’ stand... Talks natural cosmetics and more ensures my skin doesn ’ t have it all, but internationally... Renowned brand, what do you have to be expensive future entrepreneurs in the city s! Move into retail from wholesale through email marketing and an opening party encouragement... To Save up for beauty products to know your ingredients challenges, both of have. Products for sale in the city ’ s downtown core, it ’ s driest skin has finally met match! Wellness tips to help our customers access the information and the experts they need to achieve their skin... When it comes to refrigerating products, testing them and maybe taking some home... Of support, a large market, and lasts a long time see which skin-protecting staples he packs him!

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