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Occupation On the way to the harbor Atticus climbed up and saw the approaching tsunami wave. One of such women was even interested in inspecting Atticus' weaponry and paid for that, but apparently he didn't feel any kind of discomfort due to this. Atticus seemed to be all right with that, calling it “not so bad” night work. They have a plan for us all. He is a gladiator who wants to win his last fight to gain freedom. Gladiators... DON'T BEG.

verschüttet wurde, unter der Vulkanasche aber weitgehend konserviert blieb. Close friends since childhood, Cicero dedicated his work, Laelius de Amicitia (Latin for 'Treatises on Friendship'), to Atticus. What we have to do is kill each other at some point. Just after his 77th birthday he fell ill, and at first his ailment appeared minor. Atticus : We will have to speak at some point. During the party the quakes has occurred; questioned by Milo if that's normal, he took it lightly, saying that mountain is angry from time to time. After that, Milo and Atticus introduced to themselves properly. In his later years, he married a relative, Caecilia Pilea/Pilia (c. 75 – 46 BC), daughter of Pileus/Pilius and a maternal granddaughter of the Triumvir, Crassus. Well, I can make you a better promise: When you die, it will be quick and it will come from my hand. After the both gladiators create bond, especially after fighting arm in arm on arena, Atticus finally offers to help Milo save Cassia, although initially wanted leave the town straight away, and goes to harbor only on Milo’s suggestion. Everything they promised - nothing but lies. When discussing with Milo, that he will kill him, he has promised him honorable and humanitarian (blow from the front and quick) death.

Milo The cloud of smoke from Vesuvius had obscured the sunlight, when they heard woman's voice pleading for help: she was Aurelia, Cassia's mother, asking Milo to save her daughter and telling, that she's in villa, after which she has died. Atticus, still alive but completely exhausted due to his wounds, stood up, but fell on knees. From left to right: Atticus, Milo and Cassia on ruined amphitheater. After Milo attempted assassination of Corvus, they both were surrounded by soldiers. You are right, brother. He was portrayed by Sasha Roiz.

As a champion of Pompeii and gladiator, who strongly believes that he has to win only one more fight to gain freedom, Atticus initially seems ready to kill any other gladiator to achieve his goal.

Perhaps. The fighting was interrupted by Graecus and Milo has noticed a knife, when Bellator separated them. The readiness to killing, however, doesn't make him a cruel man. On Milo's question why did he save his life, Atticus answered, that “no gladiator should die from the blade to the back”, but he promised to Milo, that on gladiator show to take place next day it would be him who will kill him and “blow would come from the front”. Near amphitheater, Atticus met Milo and Cassia.

: His love of Athens inspired his self-appointed nickname "Atticus", or "Man of Attica", which is mentioned in the fifth book of Cicero's De Finibus (section 4). I die a free man! Next quakes occured, and we learn, that Atticus has had a family, which was slaughtered by Romans twenty years earlier.

Atticus Atticus inherited family money, which he successfully invested in real estate, enhancing his wealth. Atticus reunites with Milo, when he, fighting with Proculus, fell into the basement through rift after Vesuvius eruption has started and released all gladiators locked in cells. Atticus Atticus lived out the remainder of his life in Rome. Now who's the poor bastard who has to die for my freedom? He was also a partner of the Triumvir Marcus Licinius Crassus. For those of us about to die, we salute you.

[2] During his visit to Athens, Julius Caesar was Atticus's guest. Then Atticus was fighting with Proculus. This isn't a battle. Fighting for freedomFighting enemies Atticus seemed to be skeptical to that. No, we don't. As a champion of Pompeii and gladiator, who strongly believes that he has to win only one more fight to gain freedom, Atticus initially seems ready to kill any other gladiator to achieve his goal. Atticus also said, that at nights he tries to recall their faces, but can't do that, and that he knows, that one day gods would take him back to them. Perhaps the gods spared me for a reason. Atticus is muscular man of African descent, without hair on head and with short, black facial hair.

When others killed Bellator and Proculus fled, Atticus and Milo reached to the surface and witnessed the landscape of destruction.

Family (killed by Romans around AD 59)Unknown parents After Vesuvius eruption begins, he helps him and Cassia to escape disaster. [5], Upon the death of his wealthiest maternal uncle Quintus Caecilius, Atticus became his adopted son and heir, assuming the name Quintus Caecilius Pomponianus Atticus. [4], In 65 BC, Atticus returned from Athens to Rome. Lucius Licinius Lucullus, despite being his personal friend, resented Atticus's receiving an inheritance he felt he was entitled to for his association with the campaign against Mithridates and as Governor of Syria.[6]. But, due to Graecus executing Corvus' orders, that Milo on the first fight to die first, and Bellator's suggestion to Greaecus, that famous gladiator, Atticus, would make the audience more content when dying on the arena in the last fight, both gladiators are sent to fight in group combat as comrades-in-arms instead as enemies in one-to-one. He got the idea to hack the decoration and make it fall on couple of enemy gladiators. Atticus

Do-Gooder Later, during exercises on the arena Graecus has appointed Milo as his opponent for his final fight, and they performed a practice fight. Growing up, he studied and developed close friendships with Cicero, Lucius Manlius Torquatus, and Gaius Marius the Younger. I trust the law. Such actions by him prove his good heart, honesty and being honorable. [3] None of Atticus's own writings have survived, but he is known to have written one book (in Ancient Greek) on Cicero's consulship, the Liber Annalis (a work on Roman chronology), and a small amount of Roman poetry. Atticus and Milo observe the cloud, which soon would block the sunlight.

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