It is quite comfortable to sleep on and we get very good reviews overall. (03) 8585 6685. I would recommend the quilted version unless waterproof is a requirement. Happy to help with questionson 03 8585 6685. If you order online today or tonight then it will be dispatched tommorrow and should be with you by Monday. Please enable JavaScript in your browser or switch to a newer web browser. Hi Bernadette, Yes. The snoring aspect is a more difficult one and normally this is result of weight and back sleeping as well as other factors. Warm regards, Brett Parnham Hi Nick, Buy top selling products like Therapedic® Comfort Supreme Wedge Support Pillow and Brookstone® 4-in-1 Bed Wedge Support Pillow. Thank you. I hope this puts you at some ease regarding our product price and quality and happy to discuss further with you at any time. It can be used to keep you propped up in bed in the correct position aiding recovery from injury. Can i ask you toi please call us on 03 8585 6685 and we will assist where we can for you and ensure you get product asap. 03 8585 6685, which of your bed wedges is best for a side sleeper, Hi Hilary, the contoured bed wedge is comfortable for side sleeping. Cristina, size of countered wedge for gastric reflux, Hi Pat, Freight is only $21.10 Aud and you can order through this link and product will be sent out next business day and should be with you in Singapore within 3-4 days. Eliminates the need for a bed riser. We defintely have people sleep on their side on the bed wedge (some remove the inserts to lower the angle but others just use the product as is. The size of the bedwedge - often many of the online versions of the bed wedge are significantly smaller overall which plays a role in the cost of the product. 03 8585 6685, I have moderate sleep aponea and ask if your wedge pillow will assist. Optional tailored over slip: Normal wash and Dry. Some of these specialties include the treatment of allergy, sinus surgery, laryngeal, thyroid and oesophageal disorders as well as endoscopic examiniation of air and food passages. Sleep specialists can recommend using slight elevation to assist with sleep issues. Is the pillow range available for sale in shops in Adelaide Sth Aust so that i can work out if it's suitable for me? as seen in the photo? Yes i understand where you are coming from but the fact that the product is scalloped in shape means that on the sides it is about a 5cm drop in the middle part it is only a couple of cm which you really dont feel - particularly if you remove the extra layer of memory foam on the top of the product. Would your contoured bed wedge be suitable for this purpose, if I used my own memory foam pillow on top, like the model in your photo is doing? We usually have very good response to this product so hopefully you would find it of benefit. Hi There. That just means that it is ok for delivery driver to leave safe at your front door if no one is home. It is approximately a 7 business day transit due to Covid19. Filled with silicone fiber, has some of the features of natural wool: anti-dust mite, anti-bacteria, anti-fungus, anti-odour, soft, breathable and washable. I haven't heard of their ever being an issue with odour on the product to be honest. How quickly can i get the contoured bed wedge delivered to Auburn NSW? Most metro orders are delivered within 1-4 working days, Safe and secured checkout. The Bed Wedge is primarily designed for back sleeping but many users find it very beneficial on their sides and will usually take the middle section out to drop the angle a little bit for better comfort on their side. (03) 8585 6685. Do you sell the wedge without the pillow? Can i ask you to please set up an account here and you will be eligible for wholesale pricing on any items. Please let meknow if i can be of further assistance in anyway. One wedge for sleeping, at least 20cm. Is it standard charge for postage or more for express and what are the delivery time for those? So far, I'm happy with the purchase after a few weeks. A natural way to manage, reduce or eliminate the symptoms of GERD (Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease), Barretts Oesophagus, hiatus hernia, acid reflux or gastric reflux. Hi there I enquirer about the foot reliever to be used for keeping the back of heels off the bed , for bed sore prevention,but maybe this without the insert may be more suitable, for sleeping on your back , and also on your side, while keeping heels off the mattress. I am going to buy a pillow slip from you what other pillow should I use? For relief of discomfort associated with tailbone, Coccyx, post childbirth and lower back pain. Most people sleep comfortably when placing their own pillow on the Contoured Bed Wedge pillow. Thanks, H Caroline,  Hello, Lynne, Hi Lynne, Happy to help with further questions on 03 8585 6685 at anytime. Please give us a call on 03 8585 6685 and we can help find someone close by to you. Copyright © 1995-2020 eBay Inc. All Rights Reserved. 68 cm wide x 75 cm long x 25 cm high x 4 cm at lowest end in middle (7cm on lowest end on side). The bed wedge does not include a pillow. Sorry about this. Alleviates back pain due to load bearing on the lower back while sleeping, convalescing periods or in hospital. Also, do you ship to the US? 10 Devlan Street Mansfield Qld 4122 | [email protected] | Tel: 1300 743 710 | Fax: 1300 802 710 HI Nanette, Line dry, warm iron. Happy to help if we can on 03 8585 6685 but we cant make up special orders and sizing i am sorry. The angle is comfortable enough to continue to sleep but also enough to provide relief. 03 8585 6685, Please tell me how high this would be with the insert take out, thanks from Paul. I'm just emailing to advise that the items I ordered through the NDIS scheme arrived yesterday - a day after my recent query. As you are on your back you will not require a very high pillow. $159.00. I am not sure about the hiatus hernia but from my brief reading i cant see any downside to using the product. There seems to be a problem serving the request at this time, Showing slide {CURRENT_SLIDE} of {TOTAL_SLIDES} - Shop by Type. HI Val, Warm regards, Brett Parnham. Physiotherapist I have just had a major chest surgery and was wondering if you have a high bed wedge that's around 45° that I can purchase asap. Kay Cormack. First of all best of luck with your surgery. If so, how much is it? However as I'm mostly a "side" sleeper I'm wondering if your wedge pillow would be suitable for me. Square donut cushion’s voided center frees the effected area from pressure. Contoured Bed Wedge - Angled Sleeping Wedge with Memory Foam Comfort. Hi, just looking at your contoured bed wedge - angled sleeping wedge. Usually when people have a heart condition of some description they are recommended to use a product that puts their heart above the rest of their body - which takes pressure off it - by encouraging gravity to help with the pumping of blood. 03 8585 6685, Just the one size but the angle can be changed by removing the insert in the middle of the product and also remove the memory foam piece if required also change the feel and the height. That pillow is the naturelle low pillow. Is there still odours with the product.? Total (AUD) $224.30 Sharon Chandler, Hi, Please call if i can be of further assistance. Our trad and memory foam products are all Aussie made and shouldnt have an odour though new foams usually have a new foam smell. Keeping your head gently elevated has been seen to reduce problems like snoring and acid reflux. Do you have a King size single bed wedge ? consulter la circulaire Walmart Canada en ligne. The other product is the leg relaxer leg support and the pillow used in the images is naturelle low pillow. The bed wedge is great for reading, TV and lounging in bed. 03 8585 6685. 03 8585 6685, Do you ship the Contoured Bed Wedge to the U.S.? Your order missed pickup yesterday as too late in afternoon but is on its way today. Can I still use my own pillow when sleeping on the Contoured Bed Wedge pillow? I�m having surgery in July and need to sleep on my back in an elevated position for about four weeks. I would also like to say how pleased I am with the products - I'm already using the backrest & am impressed by how comfortable it is, along with the support if offers. Shop for sleeping wedge at Bed Bath & Beyond. please, product good ,bying process and communication bad. I recommend contacting Qld Rehab as they are located closer by to you and will be able to expedite product much more quickly. Please let us know if we can help with further questions. I am looking at your contoured bed wedge as I have recently started getting reflux, and am wondering [if I can use my own latex pillow or is there a latex pillow that works better with this wedge. If you are located around Cheltenham, Melbourne you are welcome to visit our showroom and try either the Bed wedge or Adjusta Wedge product. Thankyou, Hi Jo, 12 Nov 2020. Anmaree. The thick memory foam is perfect for joint support and retains shape well all night. Warm Regards, Thank you. I have been using 2 pillows to sleep, but still wake up with the heart burn. Hello, Product is in stock and can be sent at any time. My personal favorite wedge pillow is the InteVision Foam Bed Wedge Pillow. Is this wedge pillow memory foam? Thanks. Therapeutic Pillow Does the insert stop you rolling over on your side. Aidacare is the leading provider of ward based equipment and rehabilitation products to Aged Care facilities, Hospitals, Physio and Occupational Therapists and private retail clients in Australia. Hello, Warm regards, Brett. Kindest. Product is $199 plus $15 delivery to Sydney. Thank you regards Debbie. Hello, I recently purchased a Contoured Bed Wedge (Order - 165311) and cannot find the removable foam insert to adjust the angle. Any other questions please let us know. Does this include the item in the photos for the legs also? Please call 03 8585 6685 if we can assist further. While being positioned under the lower region of the body, elevates the legs to promote and improve vascular drainage & circulation of the legs as well as elevating the heels for access and aeration for injury care and recovery. This means I have to have my head elevated when I sleep. Happy to help with any further questions you may have at any time. 03 8585 6685, Is this pillow the best for sleep apnea? 03 8585 6685. Warm regards, Brett. Dear sirs, thank you, Yes you can sleep on your side but just need to be careful that back is not twisting in an unnatural way and therefore may prefer to remove the memory foam layer and also the inner adjustment to lower the angle to be slightly less. They are at 10 May Avenue, Subiaco. Just recently suffering from acid reflux from pregnancy and wish to have it sooner than later. Cnr Sydney & Brunswick Rds. The bed wedge does have a tilt of only 18 degrees but can be increased by putting pillows underneath while the adjustawedge can be used at any angle but may not quite be long enough for you?

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