This monsoon current enters the state from the southeast in the first week of July. [101], Monsoon season provides most of the rainfall for the region. Where is Martha Elliott Bill Elliott ex-wife today? This triggered bitter protests by the Sikhs in Punjab, who could not countenance living in a Muslim state. Buffaloes graze around the banks of rivers. The atmospheric pressure of the region remains around 987 millibar during February and it reaches 970 millibar in June. Doordarshan is the broadcaster of the Government of India and its channel DD Punjabi is dedicated to Punjabi. [101], The fauna of the area is rich, with 396 types of birds, 214 kinds of Lepidoptera, 55 varieties of fish, 20 types of reptiles, and 19 kinds of mammals. There are 22 Zila Parishads, 136 Municipal Committees and 22 Improvement Trusts looking after 143 towns and 14 cities of Punjab. [88], The Cis-Sutlej states, including Kaithal, Patiala, Jind, Thanesar, Maler Kotla, and Faridkot, were under the suzerainty of Maharaj Visesa Sarang Khokhar under Khokhar dynasty of the Maratha Empire, following the Second Anglo-Maratha War of 1803–1805, when Marathas lost this territory to the British. [101], The effects of winter diminish by the first week of March. Punjab has the largest number of steel rolling mill plants in India, which are in "Steel Town"—Mandi Gobindgarh in the Fatehgarh Sahib district. This clue was last seen on September 29 2019 on New York Times’s Crossword. Sikhism did not have any further issues with the Mughal Empire until Jahangir's death in 1627. [159] It is known for being the fastest growing film industry in India. Taylor, S., Singh, M., Booth, D. (2007) Migration, development and inequality: Eastern Punjabi transnationalism. Amritsar Junction(ASR), Ludhiana Junction (LDH), Jalandhar Cantonment (JRC), Firozpur Cantonment (FZR), Jalandhar City Junction (JUC), Pathankot Junction (PTK) and Patiala railway station (PTA). [12] The state capital is Chandigarh, a Union Territory and also the capital of the neighbouring state of Haryana. Punjab also has the world's first museum based on the Indian Partition of 1947, in Amritsar, called the Partition Museum. The folk heritage of the Punjab reflects its thousands of years of history. For the geographical region, see, Encyclopædia Britannica, 9th ed., vol. High temperatures between May and August hover between 40-47 °C. Other important crops are rice, cotton, sugarcane, pearl millet, maize, barley and fruit. Punjab state law and order is maintained by Punjab Police. If you have any other question or need extra help, please feel free to contact us or use the search box/calendar for any clue. Out of total population of Punjab, 37.48% people live in urban regions. [94] In 1947 the Punjab Province of British India was partitioned along religious lines into West Punjab going to Pakistan and East Punjab going to India. The main players in the politics of the state are the Indian National Congress and the Shiromani Akali Dal (with alliance Bharatiya Janata Party). [76] His successor, Jahangir, saw the Sikhs as a political threat. Banda Singh Bahadur was an ascetic who converted to Sikhism after meeting Guru Gobind Singh at Nanded. They are officially divided among 5 divisions: Patiala, Rupnagar, Jalandhar, Faridkot and Firozepur.[110]. Amritsar Junction Railway Station is the busiest junction of the state. The mean night and day temperatures fall to 5 °C (41 °F) and 12 °C (54 °F), respectively. [69][70] The word Punjab is a compound of the Persian words panj (five) and āb (waters). Punjab also has a large diaspora that is mostly settled in the United Kingdom, the United States, and Canada, numbers about 3 million, and sends back billions of USD in remittances to the state, playing a major role in its economy. [112] It produces 10.26% of India's cotton, 19.5% of India's wheat, and 11% of India's rice. His successor, Shah Jahan, "took offense" at Guru Hargobind's sovereignty and after a series of assaults on Amritsar forced the Sikhs to retreat to the Sivalik Hills. Much of this was in the 80s during the height of militancy in Punjab. Before the advent of Islam, and later birth of Sikhism, Hinduism was the main religion practised by the Punjabi people. [33][34][35][36][37] The western part was assimilated into Pakistan, an Islamic republic while the east became part of India, a secular state. Thus Panjāb roughly means "the land of five rivers". [81], In 1762, there were persistent conflicts with the Sikhs. Punjab's major railway stations are [151] Punjabi romantic dances include Dhamaal, Bhangra, Giddha, Dhola, and Sammi and some other local folk dances. The first traces of human habitation in India were found in the Punjab region. The Greeks called Punjab a pentapotamia, an inland delta of five converging rivers;[71] the name Punjab was given to the region by the Central Asian Turkic conquerors of India, and popularised by the Turco-Mongol Mughals.[72][73]. As per meteorological statistics, the sub-Shivalik area receives more than 100 millimetres (3.9 in) of rainfall in the winter months. Rice and wheat are doublecropped in Punjab with rice stalks being burned off over millions of acres prior to the planting of wheat. Wetlands include the national wetland Hari-Ke-Pattan, the wetland of Kanjli, and the wetlands of Kapurthala Sutlej. Hindi is second largest language, spoken by 2,177,853 constituting 7.85% of the population and rest 646,418 spoke's other Indian languages comprising 2.83% in other category. These areas experience the lowest temperatures in January. This widespread practice is polluting and wasteful. What was nasdaq index close on December 31 2007? Traditionally, in English, there used to be a definite article before the name, i.e. The total figure of population living in urban areas is 10,399,146 of which 5,545,989 are males and while remaining 4,853,157 are females. The Indian Railways' Northern Railway line runs through the state connecting most of the major towns and cities. The state legislature, the Vidhan Sabha, is the unicameral Punjab Legislative Assembly, with 117 members elected from single-seat constituencies. Punjabis celebrate a number of festivals, which have taken a semi-secular meaning and are regarded as cultural festivals by people of all religions. Each Tehsil consists of blocks which are total 143 in number. After two years of gaining supporters, Banda Singh Bahadur initiated an agrarian uprising by breaking up the large estates of Zamindar families and distributing the land to the poor Sikh and Hindu peasants who farmed the land. [26][27][28][29] Punjab is governed through a parliamentary system of representative democracy. Of which male and female are 14,639,465 and 13,103,873 respectively. City in the Punjab province of Pakistan, adjacent to the country's capital Islamabad (10) The absolute urban population living in urban areas is 10,399,146 of which 5,545,989 are males and while remaining 4,853,157 are females. Who is the longest reigning WWE Champion of all time? As a result of his visit he donated land to the langar and had a positive relationship with the Sikh Gurus until his death in 1605. The region was originally called Sapta Sindhu,[67] the Vedic land of the seven rivers flowing into the sea. [175] Kila Raipur Sports Festival, popularly known as the Rural Olympics, is held annually in Kila Raipur (near Ludhiana). Capital of Punjab - Crossword clues & answers - Global Clue. )[132] Regional College Dinanagar is the very first college opened in Dinanagar Town.[133]. Shortly before his death, Guru Gobind Singh ordered him to uproot Mughal rule in Punjab and gave him a letter that commanded all Sikhs to join him.

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