0000001596 00000 n 0000045988 00000 n 0000013516 00000 n 0000002074 00000 n H�|UP�˱���r,5,� The method of determining effective case depth involves sectioning the piece and polishing the surface. 0000005996 00000 n Case hardness is defined as the outer surface that has been made harder than the interior, or core. *�C A�� A smaller case depth CaII meet the load capacity requirement for the actu-al application without reaching the maximum load capacity and can thereby decrease di tortion by hardening and reduce the need.for grinding. 0000013135 00000 n 'll�������:��j KK�[email protected] ���x m��`��|L1���Yu88^�g]�8=�G���ɔ=D��8����e��&x5�bP���>Ec�|��4�@C�>�; 0000046864 00000 n The effective case depth still depends on the carbon gradient and the case hardenability. Case hardening is a critical thermal process that results in hard, wear-resistant part surfaces while maintaining soft, ductile cores. Common surface hardness after hardening and tempering is 58-62 HRC. ADVERTISEMENTS: Case and surface-hardening methods such as carburising, nitriding, carbonitriding, cyaniding, induction and flame- hardening, result in a ‘depth of case’ which is substantially harder than … 0000036183 00000 n It’s easy to get lost in the chemistry—and the nomenclature—behind heat-treating processes. 0000047357 00000 n 0000040940 00000 n 0000002154 00000 n For medium-alloy grades, it is approximately 0.30-0.35% C, and for low-alloy steels, it is approximately 0.35-0.40% C. Case-Depth … 0000038354 00000 n At Paulo, we use digital cameras to aid our visual examination of treated parts. These diffuse from the enriched surface layer into the core. The two terms are sometimes misunderstood, but are different and it is important to understand those differences. The term case depth refers to the depth of the case, or hardened layer of a piece of material. It is important to understand that the measurement method called for on the print was established at the engineering stage, and the design intent must be followed as the method of measurement is determined. Then, the distance from the surface of the part inward to that hardness level is measured. Effective case depth is the distance inward from a part’s surface to a specific hardness. 0000005236 00000 n 19,000 Pound double helical pinion shaft carburized to an effective case depth of 0.250" being quenched into 20,000 gallons of agitated, warm oil. 0000037149 00000 n Salt bath…. 0000002340 00000 n For effective case depth, the specified hardness is most often equivalent to 50 or 52 HRC. 0000005495 00000 n Case depth is typically measured as “total” or “effective”. Or, continue your research by reading our guide to outsourcing heat treatment. In addition, effective case depth is preferred on any safety-critical parts such as those commonly found in automotive or aerospace applications. Typically, effective case depth is the preferred specified case depth … Process control during case hardening is critical, especially for parts with thin sections or irregular shapes. For this reason, effective case depth varia-tions for resulfurized materials are significantly greater than those for non-resulfurized steels. 0000048738 00000 n x�b```f``�a`c`:� Ā [email protected]�7�� V�վ|X��03�/iB����x��Q�. The Case Hardness Depth … Case depth is … The hardness will then continue to decline until the “total” case depth is reached. For case-carburized gears with adequate case depth… Typically, effective case depth is the preferred specified case depth for high-performance metals. 0000021931 00000 n It’s meant to measure whether an intended hardness has penetrated to the correct depth as determined by a part’s design engineer. This distance from the surface is then measured to determine the effective depth. Note 1 to entry: For steels which present a hardness greater than 450 HV at a distance of three times the case hardening depth (determined with a limiting hardness value of 550 HV) from the surface, a limiting hardness value greater than 550 HV, in steps of 25 units, can be selected for the determination of the case hardening depth …

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