It's really effective and thanks to that, my pronounciation and my listening ability both improved a lot.So, really, thak you sooooooooooooooo much. a student. Why we can't do the same in other language? Thank you very much for a wonderful and fruitful technique on how to learn english language. Good Job done by AJ .....!You are just like sun sharing your knowldge to every1...Lots of thanx for this ...! which are step am following?????????? Click here to read my privacy policy. but there is no ing, i found your method to teach any language a revolution especially without grammar i learnt English since i had been 15 years now i'am at 46 years i did not feeling any improvement during my academic learning , the natural method to be fluent in English is yours , thankyou a lot of and i wish for your more and more succeed in your life .ezzeddine from Tunisia BR. last four or five months ago i was not speak english well but really this time i speak well. You arn't understood. hi AJ, I really want to thank you for your hard work.You've got an amazing method of teaching. Hello A.J.!! if you can, you have give me text about this lessons. thanks again you the best, this is good for all student who want to improve his english spoken.i learn many things from this site.thanks. :)AJ, You have excellence consciousness in English language, I hope you will continue this struggle with same strenuous, You have fulfilled to my all requirements of English language,Long live on struggle. Effortless English Method Review . LEARN MORE. Thanx again from philippines, thank you sir aj you are the best man of the world i am from morocco i noted that you have talked about tom cruz so much why my facebook is driss leopard answer me please, Sir ur great.I have a big fan of u sir.and I will respect u r teaching method till I die.sir u rjust u sir, Premashish: I am from Bangladesh. I don't know how downloadnig these files . would be appreciate if someone could send a link which is worth it and free to download (only north american accent). Thank you very much. They were made to share with you the idea about Mini Story lessons and Listen & Answer approach. General: Power_English_Update.mp3 Models_Etc.mp3 Audio_Twitter_Tweets.mp3 AJ_Update.mp3 Hitch_1_Commentary.mp3 Hitch_1.mp3 Hitch_1_MS-POV.mp3 Hitch_1_MS.mp3 Hitch_1_Vocab.mp3 English_Mastery_Formula.mp3 New_English_Club.mp3 Learn_English… Thanks so so much A.J., you are great!!!! good luck. ‎Speak English powerfully using the Effortless English system. keep up the good work and god bless you always! It's very helpfull for my progress on studying english :), english is difficult to me but i believe, i can. i am a new in English language i request you to all please guide me how to improve my spoken English so that i can deal with my abroad customer. Thank you so much.I want to download all pf them but it's not easy;I think for all. At your three years you speak fluently your own language. THANKU SO MUCH AJ..... Hi Mr. Aj, thank you so much for giving us the encouragement that there is nothing impossible that we Can speak english automatically without hesition.i search a lot of website hoping that my english speaking will have some improvement. And thank you again Mr Aj. Or u can simply rip and make a torrent of the files u have.....-anonymous. hai,its really worked for me ,now i am confident enough to face any job interviews thank you all. God bless ---- Mike (from the Philippines), Hi AJ, thank you very much for your all efforts .please use more movies it's a great way to learning English please. I'd like to thank you A.J for everithing You've been done for me end for all of yours learners around the world.I'm one of these students.I remenber that two years ago I downloaded the firt A.J's audio.I didn't bealive in the begining of this days Iwould learne just by listeng to him, but then,when I started listening to this audios I really couldn't bielive!!! I Mouneshwar S. Kundanagar from India.As per your Podcast suggestions, I have been listening your Podcast everyday and reading books like easy novels, children books etc.So that I am improving lot. Really, the mastery formula is a system-- a way of learning anything thoroughly and completely. You are the person who is making the world very beautiful by connecting people.I am downloading it and listening some topic and I became your fan.God bless you. Speak correct English faster using the “7 Rules for Excellent English”, Become fluent in English without using a textbook or studying boring grammar, Sign-up for FREE and receive the first rule today. i wanna like to teach you a English class, but we all of friend help you in any time. Teaching is my passion :-)Amod Sinha. "It is easy to download the .mp3 files you want. I am from Indonesia. The Effortless English Club – Comprehensive Review. When born, only hear, all the day, the parents said "hohoho my little boy" "do you want to change your clouses" "do you want some milk""don't touch"etc. Hi AJ I am Sameer from Kerala, India. Your 07 rules, I see it so reality and useful for who want to improve English speaking skill.Thank you for you creativity and your kindly sharing.God blesses to you. I THANK YOU VERY MUCH. i am new to english and trying hard to learn this fantastic language. It's ironic how foreign teachers can try to teach their language when they can only speak few words from other languages..You're basically trying to teach something you never experienced.. Itsn't true. How Long Does it Take you to Speak English :). Quoted from khan: "I have listen mp3 files but I am unable to download this files in same format..Is any one help me out from this??? Hi.. You are teaching real english in a real manner. Hi AJ ,Relay interesting lessons ever i heard and am sharing it with friend as well ..Keep Updating :-). Which 3, 4, 5, 6 etc . I love you!!! i didn't find. My target is to be a speaker just like a native American. Contact Us! Thanks Author or originator for this great concept. Oh;hi whats up?i really found much improvement in me after listening you. One day at one year old you said "mama". English has not been easy, but I believe that through Aj methodology one can honestly speak english effortlessly. I might quit the VIP program sooner than expected because I've imprvoved my english significantly for the first month. Until found you and get in the pocket your podcast, videos, I lean by enjoying your soft spoken, and what I get? You are happy and you are always well. Facebook. Is there anyone else can answer these questions, please? Log in. Thank you for your lessons. .. hi Aj after listening to your 7 rules of speaking english language . i pray for u as Psalms 1:3,KJV And he shall be like a tree planted by the rivers of water, that bringeth forth his fruit in his season; his leaf also shall not wither; and whatsoever he doeth shall prosper, hey sir i hade seen your website by accident and i find it amazing you are doing a big efforts to help us learning english but we need to have a text with the podcast so as we undestund better what you are saying thabk you iam so thankful for you sir, dear ajrealy you are master & best teacher Bassam, i salute youu changed my life..._ 47singh. hi Aj I really want to learn how to speak english easily.Although Iam a college graduate my english is very poor .I badly needed your help. Good Methodology AJ! it will help me to improve my business. I'll send a prayer for you! Dear: Mr AJ Hoge peace be upon youthank you so much sir for your helps,without you i was completly lostand had terrible eng and bad pronunciation feelin' nervous when i speak cus no body understand me.I think you earned a new nickname you're a saverBahmani Farouk from Algeria.

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