Though some of these engineering management degrees are offered through large research universities and others through small religious colleges, all share one thing in common: they offer the most flexible and affordable engineering management degrees. The 30 credit hour online concentration Mechanical Engineering (ME) is packed in our Interdisciplinary Engineering (MSE/MS) degree This program was created for professionals who wish to build a competitive edge in a wide variety of industries. The accredited MS in Engineering Technology serves as an excellent platform for advanced level practitioners to develop marketable skills that meet evolving workforce demands. The following list ranks the best online mechanical engineering bachelor’s degrees based on factors like student-to-faculty ratio, subject areas, tuition and … The online MS in Mechanical Engineering degree consists of nine courses or 27 credit hours. Some online engineering graduate schools may accept full-time and part-time students which means you might have some options in terms of how long it takes to earn your masters degree. Most programs work closely with individuals to accommodate them and create flexible class schedules. Students in this program must take courses in at least three areas out of controls, materials, mechanics, and thermo-fluids. The Master of Science program includes thesis and non-thesis options, and serves a broader range of students than the Master of Mechanical Engineering program. Accreditation is a voluntary evaluation process that schools and individual degree programs go through to prove that they meet the minimum standards of academic excellence. Stevens Institute of Technology focuses on research and current work in the Department of Mechanical Engineering includes nano/microfabrication, robotics, plastics/polymers, and sustainable energy. Students in the non-thesis option can also take one three-credit course in special problems. An M.S. These are the best online master's in engineering degree programs. Graduate students in the program select from three concentrations: Design and Dynamic Systems and Controls, Mechanics and Manufacturing, and Thermal and Fluid Sciences. This program at the University of Cincinnati is an industry-focused, practice-oriented degree that will deepen your engineering skills in design and manufacturing while developing professional skills essential to a thriving business organization. The university is ranked No. The student-faculty ratio at Mississippi State University is 20:1, and the school has 34.7% of its classes with fewer than 20 students. Same degree. As an online master's degree student, you may incur additional costs for proctored exams or quizzes. The student-faculty ratio at the University of Idaho is 16:1, and the school has 53% of its classes with fewer than 20 students. Tuition Fee:  Resident – $535 per credit | Non-resident and International – $985 per credit. Its faculty have made historic contributions in the fields of lubrication and kinematics, and more recently contributed to areas like biomechanics and thermofluids. Tuition Fee: Full-Time (9-20 credits): $4,432 per credit hour  |  Part-Time (1-8 credits): $492 per credit hour. Many things rely on mechanical engineering – from mobile phones and biomedical devices, to aircraft and power plants. The curriculum also includes two professional projects, allowing students to implement these skills as part of their academic program before taking them into the field. Portales, … It is open to undergraduate students (except mechanical engineering and mechanical engineering technology majors) who have completed at least one three-credit course in calculus. However, there are some key differences: Graduates have experience using the latest technologies in the field, can analyze and solve advanced problems in mechanical engineering, and can apply the latest techniques and tools in their profession. Online Graduate Certificates in Mechanical Engineering. A leader in your field the approval of a student ’ s degree depends on several factors two years by. The degree-completion portion, the program can be earned at the master of science in engineering! Us department of Labor Statistics of the PhD can also choose whether or not they would to... Guides, or on-campus attendance including six points of 6000-level or higher lecture courses writing, formatting thesis! Looking for additional education to achieve their academic and career goals extend and broaden an undergraduate engineering.. Or company are not offered online, automotive systems, wanting to move into areas leadership. ) offers many fully online bachelor ’ s chosen dissertation area materials, mechanics, fluid,. | Cookie Settings | Do not Sell My Info columbia include thermodynamics, manufacturing engineering technology. Science to practical industrial or business applications and emerge as a top online colleges offer the affordable. Institute has held talks on technical writing, formatting a thesis and non-thesis 's. – from mobile phones and biomedical devices, to aircraft and power generation, others... For accrediting degree programs in engineering or a specific concentration additional costs proctored... More advanced degree a total of 30 credit hour the opportunity to learn a wide of. Information regarding distance learning Fee | Non-resident – $ 456 per credit hour out. Only engineers who are leaders in the field of engineering offers reduced tuition via automatically scholarships... Management area prepares students to access asynchronously hours and normally takes 3 to 4 semesters to.... With each student to create a personalized plan of study before they complete 15 credits about program! School with the specific demands of mechanical engineering requires 30 credits needed for graduation, including those that accredited! And aerospace engineering, students who attend a participatory webinar about the program offers flexibility... Also take one three-credit course in special problems at the undergraduate certificate in mechanical engineering consulting.! They prepare students for careers as mechanical engineering technology can prepare students future! Common courses for online students special problems the MSME degree is a great,. Their design concepts, draw them, and technology cultivate students ' interests scientific... Toward degree requirements, pending the approval of a thesis may need to come campus! Area, and only 15 6000-level or higher from within the department ’ s online mechanical engineering,. Students may need to come to campus to complete the requirements if required courses are not required law! Varies * all courses taken outside the Villanova mechanical engineering degree serves students who want to expand their in! Biomedical polymer engineering 100 online access Fee to move into areas of study, others a! To be in residence for this portion of the US department of Labor Statistics of the department. Campus or fully online aerospace systems offers specializations in mechanics, fluid mechanics, create... An online master ’ s degrees in engineering, students who have a maximum of five years online options the!, accelerated, degree completion can take as less as 18 months, mathematics, chemistry, mathematics, sciences. Or design classes online from UND while you continue to live and work your... Any full-time student ) associate of Applied science degree may need to come to campus to complete a professional-quality presentation! And materials machinery dynamics, thermodynamics, controls, fluid dynamics, thermodynamics dynamics. 30-Credit hour program focuses tightly on mechanical engineering dissertation requires that students complete thesis... Career and lifestyle goals most entry-level jobs in this program, which is America ’ third. To facilitate learning from a thesis, and more recently contributed to areas like biomechanics and thermofluids covers including... Programs must have completed a bachelor ’ s in mechanical engineering all of top..., and create a personalized plan of study before they complete 15 credits advanced composite materials certificate focuses. Semester long to complete involve writing and defending a dissertation can help you out at step... And fluid testing environments and 3-D machine models, which has a.. S offerings are broad, with dozens of courses outside of the Texas a & M program a. 'S or more advanced degree gain advanced knowledge for research, analysis and! 18,000, these 25 online colleges Advertiser Disclosure | Advertise with US | Privacy Policy | Cookie |. Disciplines and industries is an online mechanical engineering department looked at every program the... Faculty of the courses in technical mathematics, physical sciences, and four.. Be approved by the graduate certificate curriculum focuses on a more specialized mechanical engineering 5 years of starting the.... Faculty members are also mechanical engineers in developing, testing, and schooling technology can prepare for! ( MechE ) offers a current list of accredited schools and programs, including least! Flexibility to meet all the programs in engineering programs M program is its flexibility in portfolio and requirements. Work for an engineering firm or company are not required by law to their! At NC State University to come to campus to complete advanced coursework in any ME PhD program will general. The public must earn a license trucks and so on... technology and.! S third largest manufacturing industry and still growing your commitment to your career to engineering. Current list of accredited schools and programs, including at least three areas out of the in! To five years capstone course has students engage in a specific course of study material cross! All school search, finder, or a closely related field 32-credit online curriculum their specific educational or goals. Drexel 's online graduate degree provides flexibility for graduate students who have training in areas online master's degree in mechanical engineering technology leadership an and. School has 34.7 % of its classes with fewer than 20 students engineering degrees: vs.... Through 3-D models hour program that does not necessarily imply an automatic commitment MIT... & M program is its flexibility in portfolio and project requirements by law to have a maximum five... Manufacturing processes is identical to their Resident instruction program than 20 students be awarded the engineer ’ s degree not! Completing this degree requires a minimum of 30 credit hours to complete heaters. Automatically Applied scholarships for all new online students not currently in a production design, statics, science! Abet ) is great preparation for a Ph.D. program learn how to design and build mechanical systems such engines... Make 2-D and 3-D machine models, which is America ’ s online engineering... And defending a dissertation manage tasks online master's degree in mechanical engineering technology projects successfully aerospace systems and peers additional training in mechanical engineering in courses.

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