With Vienna. Vienne est une ville de cabinets des merveilles où l’artisanat ancien est encore bien vivant au sein de nombreuses manufactures. La façade extérieure décorée de nombreuses couleurs bariolées de la Hundertwasserhaus de Vienne capte le regard comme par magie. We aim at providing better value for money than most. Ces données sont nécessaires au fonctionnement du service. Vous recevrez un lien par e-mail, qui vous permettra de saisir un nouveau mot de passe pour votre compte utilisateur. Hundertwasser pursued various other building projects afterwards, including an iconic incinerator. Please complete all the mandatory fields marked with *. Hundertwasser took no payment for the design of the house, declaring that it was worth it, to prevent something ugly from going up in its place. Featured image: The Hundertwasser House, Facade Kegelgasse. The Vienna Tourist Board acts purely as a middleman in this regard, and does not store any data. Les données et adresses e-mail indiquées ne seront ni sauvegardées ni réutilisées. I try not to let this affect my objectivity (I link to vastly more attractions and services that pay no finder's fee).All text and photos copyright Mark Brownlow 2005-2020 unless otherwise indicated, Fascinating apartment house in typical Hundertwasser design and colours, though you can’t go inside, Small mall opposite is a Hundertwasser design, too, and full of souvenir shops. The village is a small shopping center with a few souvenir shops, a cafe with a bar and some toilets in an interesting design. Twenty years after his exit from the project, the firm H.B. L'artiste a créé ici un centre commercial unique en son genre avec une « Place du village », un bar et de nombreux magasins dans le style typique Hundertwasser. The day will be dry, but mostly cloudy with occasional sunny spells. One of his first and most important projects was the apartment house, which was built on the behalf of the City of Vienna on the corner of Löwengasse and Kegelgasse. Your password must be at least 8 characters, and contain at least one lower case and one upper case letter, and a number. You will find the relevant data protection provisions of our partner here. Medienvertriebsgesellschaft mbH under its business manager Harald Böhm encouraged him to legally substantiate his claim as co-creator of the building. The house designed by Friedensreich Hundertwasser draws visitors from around the world. If you are a fan of exceptional architecture and if you like buildings in the style of Antoni Gaudi, you should not miss this highlight in Vienna with the German name Hundertwasserhaus. C'est plutôt un sentiment à mi-chemin entre poids de l'Histoire et légèreté amusante. More Information, Accessibility: Tram line 1 station Hetzgasse is only approx. ", For Hundertwasser, a house worthy of man would have "all the windows of different size, not in one vanishing line and not at one level, the storeys of differing heights, a few balconies of various kinds and sizes, the outer wall that is not perfectly straight and flat like hardboard, but natural, almost imperceptibly bumpy, the steps of differing height, width and of varying materials," while "boston ivy and other climbers and trees must be part of the plan from the beginning.".

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