Delivered to your inbox! It is also important that any occurrence is dealt with in the appropriate way, so being able to define these two words is very useful. It can result in injury, infection, disease, or death, as well as loss of property or damage to the environment. Stephen Carbone C    11 Words Used to Great Effect by Edgar Allan Poe, Set your young readers up for lifelong success, Study Up With Our Official SCRABBLE Dictionary. Some companies, for example, require prospective contractors or suppliers to be members of organizations that you report to and supply with your system and documentation, including policy and procedure, statistical results of your safety performance, and often your workers' compensation data (learn about Managing Contractors from Start to Finish: The 4 Stages of Contractor Management). How to Safely Rescue Someone from a Confined Space, 5 Myths About What Defines a Confined Space, What Your Confined Space Safety Program Needs to Cover, How to Deal with Workplace Hazards that Have Latent Effects, How to Handle COVID in Remote Working Locations, The Real Problem With Zero-Incident Safety Programs, How to Improve Pipeline Safety Management with Aerial Data, 11 Workplace Wellness Efforts That Help Improve Workplace Safety, How Safety Professionals Can Overcome 'Old Dog' Attitudes, Safety View: The Myth of Crisis Leadership, 7 Ways to Create a Healthy Working Environment for Construction Teams, WIS #17 - Levering our Safety Distributors as a Valued Partner, A Sweaty Situation: PPE, Hydration, and How to Manage Both. An incident may also be considered an accident or near miss. Two people were shot yesterday in two separate incidents. Biden projected 46th President. As a adjective incident is arising as the result of an event, inherent. Safety Talks #16 - Mask Safety: Vetting Your Distributors and Suppliers! Here's What You Need to Know About the Risks and Legal Responsibilities, Safety Talks #6 - Contractor Management: Beyond the Database with Nicole Coughlin, Visitor Management: Why Tracking Visitors Is More Important Than You Think, 3 Often-Overlooked Industries When It Comes to Contractor Management, The 3 Key Classes of Safety Visibility Apparel (And When to Use Them), Work Boots and Shoes Specifically Designed for Women Matter - Here's Why, Staying Safe from Head to Toe: Complete Arc Flash Protection, How to Reduce the Severity of Flash Burn Injury, 4 Key Standards That Apply to High-Visibility Clothing, Cut-Resistant Leather Gloves: How to Choose What's Best for You, Safety Glove Materials: What They Mean and What to Look For, How to Choose the Right Type of Disposable Glove for Your Job, Top 10 Hazards to Your Hands (And How to Protect Against Them), Protective Clothing for Agricultural Workers and Pesticide Handlers, How to Stay Safe When Spray Painting and Coating, Detecting, Sampling, and Measuring Silica on Your Job Site, 3 Ways Moisture-Wicking, Flame-Resistant Fabrics Can Improve Workplace Safety, 5 Essential Exposure Limit Terms Worth Knowing, How to Put Together a Safety Program for Working at Heights, 4 Steps to Calculating Fall Arrest Distance, 3 Risks Your Fall Arrest Planning May Overlook, Why Are There Still So Many Fatal Workplace Falls? Companies can then manage the identified risks by taking the appropriate administrative control decisions (treat, tolerate, transfer, terminate).

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