Alle Rechte vorbehalten. They were all good-looking. The obsession about quality. of Bottega Veneta, says, “I was doing my military service, and I remember calling Max’s mother, asking for him, and Luisa saying, ‘He’s opened a restaurant.’ I couldn’t believe it. Massimo Bottura needs no introduction. They see me and every moment, how I act with them. Late one night, the three of us were standing looking at the sea. But the kids of the Tortellante project do. Gilmore was organizing its chapters, which have names like “Working Class Heroes” (Bottura’s tribute to the foods of Italy’s traditional peasant larders) and “Image and Likeness” (for the transformative effect of art, music, literature, and travel on his cooking). Proper folding requires practice and exacting movements. Italy’s food is bound by tradition. He says he had never been so happy. Macht den Mix der Massimo Bottura Collection perfekt: Der leistungsstarke Standmixer mit hochwertigem Edelstahlkorpus und zwei Geschwindigkeitsstufen ist eine in jeder Hinsicht beeindruckende Erscheinung. Schwarz-Gold macht goldbraun: Ob Ihnen der Sinn nun nach dicken oder dünnen Brotscheiben steht – dank des modernen LCD-Displays mit 7-stufiger Bräunungsgradeinstellung gelingt der Frühstücksgenuss mit dem eleganten Toaster aus der Massimo Bottura Collection bissperfekt. So it’s probably more shocking than surprising that, at first, Modena—home to a twelfth-century university and cathedral, to Italy’s West Point, to the Ferrari founder and the Maserati factory, to a concert hall, an opera house, seven theatres, three good museums, and a foundation with one of the best photography collections anywhere—was immune to the lure of gastronomic refreshment. Allgemeine Hotel- und Gastronomie-Zeitung. to improve it.” ♦. One day, the health people showed up to say that we couldn’t use any eggs at all because of salmonella. Whenever he and his friends were through partying for the night, they trooped to Luisa Bottura’s door for pasta. That’s remarkable recognition for a chef, but pretty par for the course for Bottura, who has an outsized talent and brings an intensity to his work that would no doubt endanger his home life if he weren’t so devoted to his family. “Well, we believed in Max,” Janet Gilmore told me. He blends, and sells, a line of aged balsamic vinegars. Thank you for flying us into the clouds! I’m too tender. Bottura, in his New York incarnation, was sporting a goatee, a pair of round blue John Lennon glasses, and a Kangol hat. If he stops, he dies.” His daughter, Alexa, who is seventeen, reads Greek and Latin, and seems to have inherited his palate—he calls her “the queen of passatelli”—says, “My dad is always challenging me. “The atmosphere around Max was pure ‘Animal House,’ ” his friend Giorgio de Mitri, who owns the Modena arts-communications company Sartoria, says. What heirloom did your father give you, if any? He appears at nearly every event having to do with agriculture, from the culatello celebration we went to at a villa near Parma (complete with haystack seats and a pen of sleek black piglets) to meetings at the two agriculture schools that he has persuaded the government to revive by adding cooking courses, “to give young farmers a sense of belonging to the community, a sense of the connection between what they do and what the rest of us eat.” He works with dairy farmers to renew their herds of the area’s vanishing Bianca Modenese cows, and with chicken farmers to switch their production to its heritage Romagnola hens. But there they were at the end of the three-hour session: tortellini, far from perfect or evenly sized, but enough of them to split between all the kids. How to Recover From Burnout and Chronic Work Stress, According to a Psychologist. Everyone was asking, ‘Where’s Max?’ I covered for him. Seeing the delight on my son’s face as he soaked up everything about the experience was simply priceless for me. And my family could be Alexa, Charlie, and Lara, but also Osteria Francescana. But in much of Italy words like “chemical” still mean magic, science is heresy, and if you add postmodern or molecular to that virtual pasta pot they become political—codes for something foreign, dangerous, and, worse (Berlusconi’s favorite), Communist. He says that his brothers would come home from school, find him watching the women cook, and chase him around the kitchen with whatever makeshift weapons were at hand. Gucci Osteria da Massimo Bottura. As she opens Tortellante, a pasta project and shop in Modena with her husband and Osteria Francescana co-owner Massimo Bottura, Lara Gilmore talks about the power to transform a community by stepping out of the comfort zone. “Max was happy,” Gilmore says, “but I was thinking, Isn’t it time we had a conversation?” Two weeks later, the French chef Alain Ducasse, who was in Modena tasting balsamic vinegars, sat down to lunch at Campazzo. Diese Seite wurde zuletzt am 25. Handmade spaghetti a chitarra cooked in "grilled calamari water" finished with oyster puree, mackerel fat, gel of Sorrento lemon, olive oil and lightly smoked caviar, Compressed "white meat texture" sea bass w rabbit cacciatore, "sea sand", seaweed salad and crustacean sauce. The first time I heard Bottura “thinking,” I wondered if he was angry—or, worse, bored. Dort lernte er ein Jahr darauf die amerikanische Kuratorin Lara Gilmore kennen. The next three layers are for his grandmother, his mother, and Lidia; he calls them “compressed tradition.” Lidia’s layer is radicchio and pancetta; Luisa’s is a cream of borlotti beans; and la nonna’s, “where the pasta should be,” is Parmesan rind cooked with more beans and sliced to a chewy crunch. Straight. Hard. Three hours later, I got up feeling as light as if I’d eaten no more than a simple pasta and a plain green salad—the reason, as Bottura put it, being that “my mediums are holy water, a little olive oil, and basta!” His crèmes royales have no cream. Because my father didn’t want me to do that. But, the 55-year-old maestro of North Italian cuisine believes in going beyond cooking and running a thriving restaurant business — he wants to make impactful changes to society through food. “She introduced me to a deep conceptual world, she gave me a critical point of view, a way of seeing,” he says. In fact, in the spirit of togetherness, Bottura has enlisted help from the whole family, with wife Lara and son Charlie helping, tasting and chipping into the … My husband, Massimo Bottura, and I, together with our 16-year-old son, Charlie, a Tortellante himself, initiated the project as an extension of our experience with interns at Osteria Francescana, our restaurant in Modena. ¹Osteria Francescana has developed a great reputation as evidenced by its continued placement for the past three years in the top 10 of The World’s 50 Best Restaurants List, however, as with just about any restaurant, the sentiment is not universal. , Pingback: The Docsconz Top 25 Restaurant Meals of 2012 | Docsconz, Your email address will not be published. If I had to guess, though, I would say that given the newness of Atera, it is more likely that their dish was inspired by Bottura than the reverse. That simple formula—making something that could be enjoyed immediately by everyone in the family—is what sealed the deal. Massimo Bottura’s influences include Alain Ducasse, Ferran Adrià, and his mother. How often do you see them? “She was my second mother-mentor,” Bottura says. Something went wrong please contact us at [email protected] My husband, Massimo Bottura, and I, together with our 16-year-old son, Charlie, a Tortellante himself, initiated the project as an extension of our experience with interns at Osteria Francescana, our restaurant in Modena. They recount their most catastrophic gastronomic adventures to enraptured foodies at places like the New York Public Library, where Bottura was last “in conversation” with two of the American brothers, Daniel Patterson, of the San Francisco restaurant Coi, and David Chang, of Momofuku. “Beat with what?” Gilmore asked him. The other was to bring my son to Osteria Francescana. Ad Choices. For example, with Alexa, when we go out and shop together, we do it once, maybe twice a year, but we have to do it in a good way, so we have fun. The kids returned determined to make better and more tortellini. MODENA/ITALY. DUBAI / UNITED ARAB EMIRATES. I love to see Charlie growing and understanding the spirit of sports, but also the spirit of trying to win. It was very difficult. [4], Im November 2011 erhielt das Osteria Francescana den dritten Michelin-Stern.[5]. He describes the process as a kind of synesthesia, where the worlds he loves start coming together in his head, and he has no choice but to call someone with the news. Straight. It is evenings like this that make fine dining so enjoyable for me and keep me coming back for more. You wouldn’t think of this as child’s play. compliments for the photo-story of this special evening! She and Max had their conversation. Next January, and with trepidation, he is opening a traditional Italian restaurant, in Istanbul, for Oscar Farinetti’s Eataly chain, and is sending Yoji Tokuyoshi to run it for him.

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