When I plank on my own, I usually plank 3-5 minutes. I think a video on reducing fatigue and stress on the points of contact (toes/feet and elbows) would be good. And congrats on surpassing eight minutes on your plank – very impressive! P.S. Speaking of which…. Ten-second holds sound easy until you do 5 sets of three different exercises. These are transferable to many areas in life.”. “From one minute to two minutes is the hard part,” he says, especially if you’ve never tried going beyond 60 seconds. “I’ll start my new diet/workout next week.”. (Squat Standards), 30 Days to a 5 Minute Plank and Rock-Hard Abs, How to Rapidly Increase Your Pullup Numbers in 3…, The 2 Pounds Per Week Rule and How to Burn Fat Faster, 40 Real Life Ways To Lose 2 Pounds Per Day, 16 Year Old Girl Totally Shatters The Plank World Record, teenagers holding planks for over an hour. Marine veterans lasting multiple hours at a time, fit ladies in their late 50’s and 60’s holding planks for 45 minutes at a time, 30 Days to a 5 Minute Plank and Rock-Hard Abs: A Complete Abs Workout Program to Help You Get Ripped and Dramatically Improve Your Core Strength Using a Unique Twist on the Plank Exercise (for all skill levels), The 5 Minute Plank For Core Strength, Stability, and Rock-Hard Abs, How to do the Side Plank Exercise for the Best Results, Another Plank World Record That We Can All Learn From, Training Tips From The 3+ Hour Plank World Record Holder, The Ballistic Plank Exercise for Rock-Hard Abs, How Much Should I Be Able To Deadlift? But you can certainly test with any of the other variations, like the ones in this program here: 30 Days to a 5 Minute Plank and Rock-Hard Abs, and this workout here: The 5 Minute Plank for Core Strength, Stability, and Rock-Hard Abs. But then a large chain moved in, and he needed to do something to stand out from the crowd. This exercise can test your resolve, but staying in the position makes sure you get the benefits it is designed for. I did it because Bill Hartman, a physical therapist in Indianapolis, said that no one should attempt advanced core exercises unless they can hold a plank at least that long. So it seems that was nothing. Hello, I did not know anything about the plank before reading your article, but last time at the gym I saw a guy doing it, so I tried it at home and held it for 2 minutes, I could have gone longer, I’ll try my best later. John is also clear about the value of going beyond two minutes: There is none. I plank a few differant positions every night a total of 16 minutes my freinds always telling me im superman with square pecs and great defined abbs, anyways after planking my elbows and shoulders crack like crazy is this normal? I want to know the best time for plank exercise.. And that two-minute plank Dan John advocates? I am so excited!! Either you are doing it wrong or it's time to pick a more challenging exercise (such as Dragon Flag Raises). I don’t want a six pack. For example, Dr. Stuart McGill (PhD), who is a world-renowned spine biomechanics specialist and is considered a leading authority on core development, says that two minutes is a good goal to shoot for in the standard abdominal plank on your elbows (1). What would you say is a reasonable goal for someone in their mid-70s? Why not raise the bar and try for 3 minutes or even 5 minutes? thanks Working on beating that and building up to over 20 pushups! He started with an eight-minute plank at home. I regularly do 3 Two minute Planks, first one with no weight and the second and third with a 25 lb weight plate. BTW I will be 72 soon. Entry fee is a contribution for Special Olympics in town. If you liked this post, then please signup for the newsletter, or follow me on Facebook or Twitter for daily updates and other interesting info. 11 days after my previous post, I got my first ever 10 minutes plank. Keep up the good work! If you've been in the fitness game for a while, go for the gold with a one minute plank. And please keep at it with the planks. any of the products or services that are advertised on the web site. That’s tough. I have spinal fusion too and been practicing for two weeks and am at 3.5 mins . I held my all time best plank yesterday at 5 minutes and 9 seconds. Sheri – no one here can answer that question, unfortunately. Each week, my goal is to beat his previous time. Question….it may be something else…lower ab is more sore than usual…is this possible from pressure on this area/ I have done extra core work leading up to this for more than a year and a half….took up the plank more seriously in the last few months as part of ab training…….do have sciatica issues though….usually stretch for 15 minutes to a half hour…trainers tell me my form is perfect. Question: am i getting any benefit using the weight? So, do what you like with them. All the exercises mentioned can be found in the adidas Training app with step-by-step instructional videos. How long should you hold it: 10-30 secs or 5-10 reps, for 1-3 rounds. More is not better.”, You may be surprised to learn that one of the record-setting plankers agrees. “Repeated 10-second holds created a residual stiffness that enhances performance,” McGill says. This newbie is working towards being a Beginner! I am a 45 year old female. 3. As you build your core strength, slowly extend this time. In my mind, that’s an ambitious, yet doable goal for most people to work towards that will not only give you tremendous core strength results, but will also feel like a giant accomplishment once you finally do it. That’s what he recommends in his new book, Can You Go? Worked up to 30 sec, with a goal of 1 min by year’s end. Hi Tom, Thanks for your comment. Amy, thanks for your encouragement, and it is so true about the mentality of this wonderful and miserable exercise. It’s nothing to write home about, but I’ll take it. For a challenge and added hamstring benefits, you can do the around the world plank, in which you move your hands out and in and alternate raising your legs. So, don’t set your goal too low either. I’d also suggest NOT doing it right after a meal or right before bedtime (since it could hurt your stomach and make it harder to fall asleep). Hi John thanks for the great information=) by the way what do you think is the best time to have this plank? He went five hours, 15 minutes. The speed and rhythm of his legs and arms depend on a rigid torso. I’ve been participating in a team fitness challenge at work and my category is the plank. Just got to 4 mins, my goal of five minutes is in sight. So, what I’m saying is, we don’t know all the facts of your circumstances (weight, current level of fitness, XRAYS, I could go on and on), so no one can tell you that your pain will go away once you reach 2 minutes. For me, it was just a matter of deciding what my goal was ahead of time and I met it every time except once. Similar to how a guy with shorter arms can usually do more pull-ups than a guy with longer arms. The ultimate goal is to hold a plank up to 60 seconds. Oh by the way I’m 50 and a woman. Thank you for your service! It was probably eight years ago, and I’m still bitter about the experience. So, I wanted to tell you that before I revealed my own plank standards. Advanced 8 You probably don’t know that this is the second plank record for Hoel, a 52-year-old Dane. This exercise can test your resolve, but staying in the position makes sure you get the benefits it is designed for. So, the question is, will you settle for a beginner or intermediate level performance, or go for the coveted advanced and expert status? You can do it. But if you prefer longer planks you should ask yourself... Are there benefits in holding a plank … The best time is when you’ll do it regularly and consistently :). The LIVESTRONG Foundation and LIVESTRONG.COM do not endorse I am a 65 year old combat vet not without some damage lol….Just finished my best of 8 minutes and 16 seconds last week. I am at 4 minutes with 3 months into it and I have a spinal fusion! Oh, and by the way, I thought you might want to know that as of November 2014…, The Men’s World Record for “The longest time in an abdominal plank position is 4 hours 26 minutes and was achieved by Mao Weidong (China) in Beijing, China on 26 September 2014.” (source here), And the Women’s World Record for “The longest time spent in the abdominal plank position (female) is 1 hr 20 min 02 sec and was achieved by Gabi Ury (USA) in Boulder, Colorado, USA, on 19 April 2014.” (source here).

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