She was often referred to as the "Winter Princess" from then on.[5]. Purely frivolous and perfectly harmless snark and admiration for all things stylish and royal. Her first cousin, Marian Louisa, Lady Elmhirst, was the paternal grandmother of Sarah, Duchess of York, former wife of Alice's great-nephew, Prince Andrew, Duke of York. [6] In August 1935, Lady Alice became engaged to Prince Henry, Duke of Gloucester. From Silver and Gold by Norman Hartnell, 1955. As for the Royal Pavilion at Aldershot, the couple’s first marital home, conveniently near the Duke’s regiment, his wife noted that “the only royal thing about it was my husband’s presence.”. "[24], On 10 June 1974, Prince Henry died, and was succeeded as Duke of Gloucester by their second son, Prince Richard (the couple's elder son, Prince William, had been killed in an aeroplane crash in 1972). A stool was brought so that Princess Margaret Rose could see the crowd and the crowd could see her tulle ruffles. In fact, the Gloucesters would stay in the background of the family, still dutifully going about their royal business, for the rest of their lives. All rights reserved. [13] The veil was made from "a drifting cloud of crisp modern tulle". She was thus an aunt by marriage to Elizabeth II. [14] The Duke of Gloucester left the army to take on more public duties following the abdication of Edward VIII in December 1936. When the WAAF became the Women's Royal Air Force (WRAF) in 1949, she was appointed an Air Chief Commandant (equivalent to Air vice-marshal) in the new service on 1 February 1949. The service honors those that have The colour of the dress was described by Hartnell as "glimmer of pearl", whilst others have called it "blush pink" or simply "blush-coloured". The salon had recently been decorated by the fashionable Norris Wakefield in faceted mirror paneling and painted a eucalyptus green-grey that Hartnell felt was the best neutral foil to his prefered rainbow palette of colors (Wakefield’s interior is preserved as one of London’s listed monuments of historic importance). Week in Review: The Duchess of Cambridge, 13-19 No... Week in Review: Crown Princess Mette-Marit, 13-19 ... Week in Review: Crown Princess Mary, 13-19 November, Royal Fashion Awards: National Day in Monaco. Content may not be reproduced without the author's permission. Hartnell’s dresses for the adult bridesmaids were similarly austere, featuring wider sleeves and wider necklines, the latter decorated with artificial flowers. Eventually, all of this led to his becoming the sole man in charge of the style of the major royal ladies for decades, including such significant royal milestones as wedding gowns for both. Flashback Friday: National Day, the Princess Grace... Week in Review: Princess Máxima, 6-12 November. Princess Alice died on 29 October 2004 in her sleep at Kensington Palace at age 102, 57 days before her 103rd birthday and several years after suffering a stroke. It led to the then-Duchess of York (the future Queen Elizabeth, the Queen Mother) visiting his studio and ordering a few frocks, which in turn led to work for Queen Mary.

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