The narrative reaches its climax in Job 38:1, as the Lord appears to Job out of the whirlwind. The narrative takes the form of an orderly, chronological description of each day’s creation, told almost exclusively in the past tense and suggesting that Creation was a once only occurrence at the beginning of time. Regarding the creation of the “great luminaries” (sun and moon), Genesis 1:14 explains that they function to separate day from night and to serve as signs for the set times – the days and the years. While the poem does not refer to the creation of mankind or any being other than Leviathan (104:26), the Creator-creature relationship is unmistakable, especially where the continued existence of life forms is shown to depend on God’s action (104:29). Get step-by-step explanations, verified by experts. Instead, we should see it as the one who is perfect in knowledge, perfectly permitting circumstances for our good and His own glory. (38:4). God continues to manage His world in all its breadth and in its minutest details. These themes are also found in the Book of Job, where the emphasis is on man’s inability to comprehend God’s ways. God is not only right when our lives are going as planned. Fred Gottlieb M.D. Wishing for an end to his life, Job speaks longingly of Sheol, that netherworld of oblivion where the mighty and the lowly together find some tranquillity (3:13-19). Job didn’t know what happened in Job 1-2 – so his immense suffering seems totally senseless. I too, am guilty of this misinterpretation. The divisions stressed in Genesis between chaos and order are presented in Psalms as forming part of a harmonious creation once they have been set in their appropriate boundaries. While suffering is the chief theme of the book, a reason for suffering is not given. However, observing closely the dialogue between God and Satan throughout the book, it is easy to see who is truly in control. The book of Job revolves around two courtroom scenes with God on trial in heaven and on earth. The first of these, bara (Gen. 1:1), was characterized by the thirteenth-century Bible commentator Nahmanides as denoting yesh me-ayin – creation ex nihilo. Reply. Job was restored completely after facing complete brokenness, but all the time the Lord was in control. The date of the book is unknown. (In reality, we see that the purpose for their visit was not one of selflessness, but of self-interest. Three biblical texts describing Creation, as seen in Genesis 1, Psalm 104 and Job 38-42, have been investigated and contrasted. No direct mention of the Sabbath can be found in Psalm 104 or Job. With God’s appearance out of the whirlwind, to unfold before Job the vast panorama of Creation, we encounter the book’s poetry at its most sublime. The poet’s beautiful description of the valleys, mountains, and streams illustrates the Divine harmony throughout nature. (I happen to agree with my Bible professor stating that if somehow Job were able to read Romans during his life he would simply weep hysterically, tears of immense joy). Job’s sorrow did not only stem from his suffering, but from the knowledge of his sin against a holy God, and the need for a Savior. He uses Job’s suffering to expose that He is right through the insufficiency of man’s wisdom. However, Satan did not simply present himself to God, for he is unable to do so. Here it is God Himself who shows Job the wonders of His universe. The book of Job opens in verse one by telling us that Job was a blameless, upright man who feared God and turned away from evil. Following more than 30 chapters concerned with the theodicy problem (Why do the righteous suffer and the evil prosper? Verse 12 manifests the joyous nature of these springs, for The birds of the sky dwell beside them and sing among the foliage. Thus the book shows us how the righteous should bear up under suffering ("You have heard of the perseverance of Job" - Jm 5: 11) SOME LESSONS FROM THE BOOK: In his study on the book (The Book Of Job, Quality Pub. Therefore, who can question any of His ways? His initial question summarizes all that follow: Where were you when I laid the earth′s foundations? Theological theodicy within the book of Job allows believers to experience an unexplainable peace amongst affliction, because the book of Job advocates for a good God. The book of Job shows us just how limited man’s knowledge truly is, and how we in our own power do not possess the resources, insight, or skill-set to understand God. Themes in the Book of Job . Yes, suffering is an obvious feature of the book of Job, but I hope this post has proven that it is merely the means to expressing much greater theological themes. His work is simply about God and, man; it was written to those who struggle with the justice of a sovereign God in a world filled. I’m Liberal, I’m Christian, and I’m Apparently Going to Hell. The book of Job could be referred to as an epic or a didactic poem. By its very nature, this type of poetry requires the use of many synonyms. Its hallmark is parallelism, marked by pairs, sometimes triplets, of phrases, in which the second phrase repeats or modifies the first phrase in different words.1 One of many examples is Psalm 104:3, Who makes the clouds His chariots, Who walks upon the wings of the wind. Contemplating the splendors of Creation prompts him to glorify the Creator. Somewhere along the line must have done something bad to end up with this suffering/punishment. The emergence of sea creatures is described in Genesis 1:20 as taking place in the waters, whereas in Psalm 104:25 it is the sea, vast and wide, where living things without number can swarm. God is right when He sends tribulation. He uses Job’s suffering to prove that He is good, regardless. God is not worthy of worship for Himself. Satan never speaks first — God says, and Satan answers. Book Summary: The book of Job reveals the Messiah as ‘my redeemer.’ Job deals with the question of why do good men suffer? Copyright 2016 Jewish Bible Association | All Rights Reserved, The Creation Theme in Genesis 1, Psalm 104 And Job 38-42, Leviticus 12:2: Midrash is not Versocentric, Modern Searches for Aviv Barley in the Context of the Hebrew Calendar, Considering the Genre and Audience of Deuteronomy 9:7. If you were to go a little deeper, perhaps you would describe it to be a book about God’s sovereignty in light of suffering, or of Jobs faithful obedience in the midst of immense trial. Why do so many good people suffer tragedies of disproportionate scale? Leave a Reply Cancel reply. The Book of Job: Themes and Meaning. We find ourselves on holy ground  as we hear him say in his agony. Yet Job’s experience of being taken, as it were, behind the scenes of God’s Creation enables him to become reconciled to his suffering and to find peace of mind in the conviction that God’s ways are far beyond the limits of human comprehension. Instead, we are told that God is the highest law in the universe and that often his reasons are known only to him. This contrasts with the Genesis narrative, where man’s quest for sustenance is seen as a painful process: By the sweat of your brow shall you get bread to eat (Gen. 3:19). If someone were to ask you what the theme of the book of Job was, what would you say? Let us repent of our surface-level interpretations of Scripture, and seek to delve deep enough into God’s word, that we may begin to experience just how theologically rich an overlooked and watered-down book like Job, truly is. Contrary to Job’s belief, the Creator, after completing His work, did not leave the management of His world to the laws of nature or to happenstance. If the Lord has approved suffering, and if He has deemed it profitable to endure hardship — it is good. Simple. on And because we serve a God who is holy and perfect in all He does — a God who is incapable of doing evil — we can trust that every single event that takes place in our lives was permitted by a good God. One thing I failed to realize before thoroughly studying Job was the fact that God initiates everything, and that the enemy was not presiding.

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