Michelle Kelly, editor-in-chief, seems to think it might have something to do with packaging. I can’t drink for another week because of kickboxing but I’m ready for my black cherry & raspberry again," someone else said. The wait is over! “Sometimes lemon- or lime-flavoured drinks can taste a little cleaner-like,” said Jackie Davis, managing editor. Morningstar: Copyright 2018 Morningstar, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Some thought there wasn’t enough lime flavour, and others thought too much more and it could go wrong. "I need whiteclaw to replace the mango flavor with grapefruit in the variety pack with lemon, tangerine, and watermelon," a fourth fan suggested. White Claw controls roughly 60% of the hard seltzer category, according to Nielsen, but competition is tightening. Spike my Titos 2. However, Michelle Kelly did crown it her favourite of the three. Turns out we saved the best for last without even knowing it. That's good for this company, Uber Eats' new ad pits Luke Skywalker against Capt. "The first flavors debuted by the brand in more than 16 months, each White Claw Hard Seltzer is meticulously crafted with uncompromising quality, hand-selected ingredients and curated specially with White Claw drinkers in mind," a press release per the company reads. By submitting your information via this form, you agree to receive electronic communications from Cottage Life Media, a division of Blue Ant Media Solutions Inc., containing news, updates and promotions regarding cottage living and Cottage Life's products. It's also one of the few alcoholic drinks that attracts both genders equally. "Distracting myself from the impending threat of covid-19 with the news of 2 new white claw flavors," one last user joked. And in particular, our ability to enter Quebec,” he says, calling the inability to sell non-malt-based drinks in Quebec groceries “quite appalling.” “We decided to focus on America, and things exploded, and it was the best decision we could make.” Four flavours of White Claw hit shelves in Canada Sunday, including: natural lime, black cherry, mango and grapefruit. Factset: FactSet Research Systems Inc.2018. However, the “fruity” and “candy-like” smell and taste threw some off: “This tasted like the cough medicine of my youth,” said Michelle Kelly. The immediate reaction was that this flavour was a much bigger hit than the lime one. You may withdraw your consent at any time. At only 140 calories per can (and that’s for a tall boy size), White Claw delivers a five per cent ABV with no artificial flavours, colours, or preservatives. “It doesn’t taste too strong or too watery,” said Alysha Vandertogt, associate editor. At only 140 calories per can (and that’s for a tall boy size), White Claw delivers a five per cent ABV with no artificial flavours, colours, or preservatives. When we saw people lining up outside the LCBO to get their hands on the three flavours (lime, black cherry, and mango), we knew we had to do a taste test—if anything so that we could provide you with some solid advice for your next dockside dinner. We picture it as the perfect accompaniment to a beach day or a day on the dock. Introducing the highly-anticipated, expertly crafted new flavors in White Claw Flavor Collection No.2. Second Stimulus Check: Did Donald Trump Promise Another 'Tremendous' Package 'Immediately After the Election'? Trust me, I’m a pro.”. Disclaimer. This was the perfect combination of not too sweet, but sweet enough, plus refreshing and invigorating. All times are ET. The general consensus? Entertainment Tonight/TV Guide Network. To complete the subscription process, please click the link in the email we just sent you. Copyright 2020 PopCulture.com. Black cherry, mango and ruby grapefruit are its top-selling flavors, White Claw said. Overall: There were more fans of Black Cherry than Natural Lime, but there was also a bigger divide between the “love” and “hate” groups. You Asked, and White Claw Delivered. Spiked seltzer is particularly popular with Caucasians between the ages of 21 and 44 years from affluent neighborhoods, according to Nielsen. Rinse my mouth after I brush my teeth 3. — White Claw Hard Seltzer (@WhiteClaw) February 12, 2020. The new additions bring its portfolio to eight flavors. "I feel like the tangerine will be the best of the new ones. These new flavors are: Fans have already been taking to social media to comment on the new flavors, with one tweeting, "YO I BET THAT WATERMELON IS FIRE.". White Claw even experienced. "I honestly read this #WhiteClawFlavors as #whiteclawflaws and now that’s what I’m really intrigued with," quipped another user. But over the past few years—thanks to an influx of hard seltzers and premixed cocktails in cans—our ideas of what that ideal “cold one” has changed. ", White Claw debuted in 2016 and exploded on social media last summer as people were seeking convenient drinks that were low in calories, sugar and carbohydrates. Per a newswire from Street Insider, each new flavor has the "clean, crisp taste of seltzer water with a hint of fruit flavor." But over the past few years—thanks to an influx of, hard seltzers and premixed cocktails in cans. The new flavors will be sold individually, as well as in a brand new 12-can variety case. Almost finished... We need to confirm your email address. One of the newest canned beverage companies to hit the shelves of the LCBO is White Claw—a mix of seltzer water, gluten-free spirit base, and natural fruit flavour—a.k.a. White Claw is adding three new flavors: lemon, watermelon and tangerine. It was unanimous that this mango flavour should be crowned the winner, with seven out of 10 choosing it as their favourite. “And a lot of them do. These flavors join one of the best-selling Hard Seltzer flavors, White Claw Mango, in an all-new 12-pack Variety Pack, available now at retailers nationwide. People floated ideas like adding juice, ice, or a lime wedge to enhance the sparkling drink’s flavour. Standard & Poor's and S&P are registered trademarks of Standard & Poor's Financial Services LLC and Dow Jones is a registered trademark of Dow Jones Trademark Holdings LLC. Overall: It definitely didn’t come with all the hype we had heard so much about. heres hoping this one is better. Similar positives seemed to echo throughout the staff. White Claw tapped into its internet fandom and chose the three new flavors based on more than 70,000 requests from social media. Now, the spiked seltzer brand is creating even more heat with its announcement of a second flavor collection. The company does not appear to be retiring any of its other flavors to make room for the new tastes, so fans can still also grab White Claw in regular delicious flavors such as black cherry and mango. Updated: March 12, 2020. Starting Thursday, White Claw drinkers will be able to grab the adult beverage in lemon, watermelon and tangerine. The social media push? But, in true Michelle Kelly fashion during this experiment, she disagreed with almost everyone’s taste-buds, calling it her least favourite flavour.

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